Castillo appoints a left-wing government without an economy minister

(EFE). – Pedro Castillo, Peruvian PresidentOn Thursday, he appointed most of his ministers, a group with marked political features dominated by left-wing sectors, some technicians, with the apparent absence of an economy minister appointment, and only two women.

This group, in which the absence of the appointment of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights is also noted, will be led by Prime Minister Guido Peledo, a deputy from the ruling left-wing Peruvian Liber party and a close figure of its leader, Marxist doctor Vladimir Cerrone.

The inauguration of the cabinet was characterized by confusion and an unjustified long wait, as it came three hours after she was summoned without any explanation or official comment amid growing rumors of a kind of government crisis.

Indeed, the absence of the Minister of Economy, who initially signed up, would have fallen into the hands of Pedro Frank, a moderate economist who has been busy being Castillo’s economic spokesman in recent weeks, appears to have been the cause of the delay. In the cabinet announcement.

Frank was heavily criticized by Peledo and Cerrone on several occasions for his focused and conciliatory stances with economic orthodoxy.

Frank was heavily criticized by Peledo and Cerrone on several occasions for his focused and conciliatory stances with economic orthodoxy and was seen leaving the National Theater in Lima alone, where he was sworn in, just minutes before the ceremony.

The highlight of the list of ministers is their markedly political character, with several MPs, ex-MPs, and former presidential candidates from left-wing parties and even Castillo’s deputy, Dina Bullwart, to fill the Development and Social Inclusion portfolio. .

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Bulwart, along with Anahi Durand, Minister for Women and Vulnerable Populations, will be the only female presence in the Cabinet.

Hector Bejar, a veteran sociologist and former guerrilla in the 1960s, will serve as the State Department, while judge and university professor Walter Ayala will take over as Defense Secretary.

The post of Interior Minister will be occupied by Juan Carrasco, the anti-corruption prosecutor from the northern province of Lambayeque, while the health portfolio is for Doctor Hernando Cevallos, a former MP for the left-wing Amplio Party and a speaker for weeks. for the health issues of the castle.

Juan Cadillo, an independent young educator recognized by the World Teacher Prize as one of the world’s best infant educators for his use of training techniques, has been appointed Minister of Education.

Evan Kisbe, a former MP for the Broad Front, will serve as production minister, while Roberto Sanchez, a congressman and head of the moderate left party Together for Peru, will take the foreign trade portfolio.

Ciro Gálvez, the former Rona Indigenous Party presidential candidate who was sworn in in traditional Quechua dress, is the new culture minister.

Ministries of a technical nature such as agricultural development, labour, energy, mines, housing, and the environment were occupied by unknown and practically unknown officials or technicians.


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