Carol Fraser: author of “The Great Destiny” and campaigner against inequality

Pour Gabriella Aurelia, E&N

Carol Fraser-Hainsworth has lived and worked in different parts of the world. In 2016 he founded Black In The World to create the world’s largest archive of the histories of leaders of African descent on every continent in government, politics, business, education, music and culture.

It was his mother, Bertha García de Fraser – a nurse by profession – who died in 2007, who gave him the tools to pursue his personal and professional life. When Carol was little (born in San Pedro Sula), she went to live in La Ceiba and her mother opened a seafood business: “I have helped and mentored young men of any race, but blacks in particular.” It served as a guideline; Far from his economic and social achievements, he has never denied his roots. “This has been important to me; as I go I carry my Afro assets with pride and dignity.”

At the beginning His career led to marketing initiatives for Time Warner (US, Latin America, UK), Mattel, Meredith Corporation, NBC Universal, The Economist and also spoke about the diversity and equality efforts of Teach for America.

As a woman, she is convinced that it is essential to “inspire” future generations. “We are creating children who can carry on this legacy.”, Installation. In the difficult times of the pandemic, she realizes that women have made a “decisive” contribution. “We’ve done it in different aspects, in businesses, businesses, homes, families, Always in a difficult way. The only ones with a history of driving in those places are women. We can shine despite the challenges.”

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She is currently the Director of Strategy and Multicultural Inclusion at the Creative Agency Carmichael Lynch. Previously, she worked at IPG Mediabrands, where she served as Vice President and CEO of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and was also responsible for successful strategy and investment in Ulta Beauty. Remember that while you were at CNN you had a divorce. A difficult moment that called her abilities into question “to complete”.

Fraser Heinsworth is committed to presenting a “new agenda” for discussion not only at a public level but among women. She is convinced that many who have achieved a professional position, a profession and a position, “They have divided the struggle leaving many behind. Consciously or unconsciously, we involve ourselves in the discussion and we must not forget that the chain is only as strong as the weakest piece. We have closed the circle and left others.” He points out that at the beginning of professional careers, everyone wants it “Collaborate with the girl” but when you compete, when it “gets challenging”, the situation changes. Carol does not miss the opportunity and commitment to be the “voice” to tell these grievances.

His book, published six years ago, Co-author Your Great Destiny, was a “success” because it affected “the lives of so many people.” Prepare a new play. “Today I’m another woman, I want to talk about this new agenda that I believe in.” What’s more Advanced documentary production with an experienced Hollywood production company In work on the female subject.

Beyond the economy

Her new passion is to create solidarity not only socially and economically, but also “with women who are abused, with those who kill”.

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Sentence or sentence:

“A woman who enjoys a career inspired by her talent and intelligence faces different challenges; it is not a better life than another, but it is different – he asserts -. Although we have achieved a chair in the boards, our voices are still not as heard as they should. The salary is not fair by race, it is not only different from a man’s wages”

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