Cardinal deplores the change in the nature of the army in El Salvador

January 24, 2021, 2:47 pmSan Salvador, January 24 (Prensa Latina) Cardinal Gregorio Rosa today warned of the recent change in the nature of the armed forces in El Salvador, as a commission evaluates possible reforms to the constitution.

Rosa, the first and only Cardinal in El Salvador, expressed her concern about the debate over the possibility of including compulsory military service in possible constitutional reforms.

“I am more interested in the part on what is the role of the armed forces, which has been greatly distorted lately,” the priest said, referring to the military’s exploitation of politically motivated actions.

Rosa thinks the same about the role the National Civilian Police plays in the administration of President Neb Bokel, whose director-general, Mauricio Ariaza, in his entity has been subjected to the lawlessness process.

The bishop, who raised the times of forced conscription, warned, “It is very important to take into account, because they are the basis of democracy as a result of peace agreements, and there is a backward movement in these two areas.”

Felix Ullua, vice president of the republic and chair of the committee studying potential reforms in Magna Carta, spoke at a recent meeting with the military leadership in favor of compulsory military service.

“Unfortunately, we have never implemented it, and I think that needs to change,” Olwa said, although other members of the committee oppose and support defining the functions of the armed forces.

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