Ukraine’s president says 16,000 foreigners have volunteered to fight Russia

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZelenskyOn Thursday, he said that 16,000 foreigners volunteered to fight Russian invasion.

The president was impressed in a video broadcast by his Telegram channel as the “International Legion” prepared to “join the defense of Ukraine, Europe and the world”.

In the video, Zelensky did not specify the nationalities of 16,000 volunteers, although local media indicate that many of them are from Japan, Britain and the United States, and from other post-Soviet countries, including Georgia and Belarus.

Earlier this week, Zelensky announced Temporary visa removal for foreign volunteers Who would like to join Ukraine in the fight against Russia.

The Ukrainian president also stressed that his country receives daily supplies of weapons and defense materials from its international allies.

Following Zelensky’s visa-free declaration, countries like Latvia support their citizens joining the Ukrainian forces, while others like Canada, the United Kingdom and Denmark, although not opposed, warn of the dangers of traveling to Ukraine without military training.

The State Department warned US citizens that they would be at a disadvantage if they were “enlisted or employed” while in the United States, according to the Supreme Court ruling, even though it is legal to join foreign armed forces under certain circumstances. Washington Post.

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