Scotland and Northern Ireland want a UK divorce referendum

The UK faces a constitutional crisis after the electorate has voted in Scotland and Northern Ireland They were in favor of holding a referendum on secession, according to a poll published by the “Sunday Times” newspaper on Sunday.

The survey was conducted by YouGov, Panelbase and Lucidtalk in four countries in the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – between 15 and 22 January. According to the British Sunday newspaper, they were interviewed More than 6,000 adults In all four regions.

In Northern Ireland, where 2,392 people were consulted, 47% disagreed On the unification of the boycott with the Republic of Ireland, compared to 42% in favor, but the percentage of undecided is low, at 11%, which is enough to endanger the future of the United Kingdom at risk, according to the “Sunday Times” newspaper.

After three years of no government, Northern Ireland has regained its voice just in time for Brexit

Celia Mazza. London

In Scotland, a survey of 1,206 adults found this 49% want independenceIn contrast, 44% answered “no” and 7% did not comment.

Regarding the eventual independence of Wales, the divergence has varied since 23% were in favor 52% oppose dismissal, while 11% do not.

he is Zeal for independence In England it is almost non-existent since the poll indicated that 60% oppose dismissal, 15% support and 13% do not respond.

Photo: Edinburgh Parliament.  (EFE)

The consultation also indicated that Scottish National Party (SNP) It could win a majority in the elections to the independent Edinburgh parliament due to take place in May, which could cause a constitutional crisis because of that group’s insistence on holding a referendum on independence, according to the “Sunday Times” newspaper.

51% of those consulted in Northern Ireland They expressed a desire to hold a referendum on secession in the next five years, compared to 44% who said no and 5% did not respond, while in Scotland, 50% supported a consultation during that period versus 43% who said. He refused it while 7% did not respond.

Brexit and the Coronavirus crisis appear to be pushing Scots to support the region’s independence. Sunday newspaper notes that last week Cabinet Minister Michael GoveA meeting with other ministers to plan a campaign in favor of the Union of the Four Regions.

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