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And lawyer Vanessa Alvaro announced hours after the press confirmed that the person who offered five thousand dollars to the modest peasant Jess Galvez, for not testifying in a new trial against Oreste, was a former military man and defense witness.

“I have the right to object to the continuation of my work as a defender when facts that affect my work and my professional performance during the process are dismissed,” the lawyer said upon announcing her retirement at a hearing in the Oreste trial.

He explained that the reason for his decision was the report showing a bribe offer to Galvez, by a former military man who served on orders from Oreste in 1988, when journalist Hugo Bustius was assassinated in the city of Huanta in the Andean region.

He expressed his annoyance at the situation and announced the decision to “defend and protect my name, my reputation, and the professional claim that I have always used.”

Oreste, whose resignation was previously communicated to her by the attorney, confirmed that she withdrew under pressure from the interests of those fighting against her, because they had engaged her in a bribe without having to do so nor did he.

He added that he would have to find another lawyer who would take a long time to hear the whole case that started five years ago, and that led to a trial that was acquitted in October 2018, although the Supreme Court annulled it for irregularities and ordered its implementation. A new one, in the current development. .

However, Judge Abaza informed him that the rules only state that if the defendant resigns from the defendant, he must replace him or the defense attorney take charge and suspend the hearing.

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Witness Galvez’s statement confirms what is said by Isabel Rodriguez, the only direct witness to the assassination of the military, including Oreste, Labestius.

Galvez denounced that after the report revealed the attempted bribery, he was harassed in his modest home in Huantha and asked the authorities to protect himself and his family.

Postius’ family attorney, Dania Cause, said Calvera’s proximity to the accused would prove that Oreste “is behind the criminal network of intimidation, silencing, distorting testimony and buying witnesses” that seeks to leave him unpunished.

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