In the faculty of psychology and science, they fear losing a year

Students of Psychology and Educational Sciences at UNCo are calling on the authorities to solve the problem of lack of final exam schedules in order to advance their careers. They claim that many students are on the verge of losing their course attendance and being more than a year behind. They asked, “They are playing our time, and there are teachers who do whatever they want without caring for students.”

It is the college with the largest number of students in the entire Kumaho National University, and the college with the greatest barriers to ensuring educational continuity in the event of a pandemic. In psychology and educational sciences they fail to preserve the hypothetical and create that students are on the verge of losing an entire year because it is impossible to take exams.

“We should ask them to please start taking final exams. We were from March 2020 until August without being able to present anything. Then they began to take some, but there were many professorships that refused. Some students in an interview with LM Cipolletti said that there were almost no finalists in fourth and fifth year subjects.

Once they started setting the tables, they added, they put up benches so that many students were left outside.

They limited the number of students who could perform and the vast majority did not enter. In addition, many chairs and some of them were essential materials in the profession that conflicted with professional practices, virtual study was not guaranteed. Without that, we cannot receive each other, “they crossed.

Students also questioned some of the teaching standards during the schedules.

“Those who managed to take the exams, the vast majority, about 70 percent, refused for unknown reasons. The evaluation criteria were not consistent, we did not know them, the students refused and did not know the reason, and no one explained the basics. We are talking about people who studied promising and not about. People who do not. “

The students who called themselves “independent” said that they had submitted notes to the authorities but received no response. in this situation, They called a march at UNCo headquarters in the capital, Neuquen, on Friday at 10 o’clock.

“We understand that virtualization complicates teachers, but it complicates much more for students. The criticism is that solutions have not been sought.” The students who always lose are the students, and it cannot be like this. We demand an extension of the entitlement of subjects ending in February and March, and they were awarded, but those chairs that did not take the finals did not enter. Everything sounds like a joke. Meanwhile, we are on the verge of losing a year, “they noted.

The college’s vice dean, Claudio Martinez, explained to LM Cipolletti that he did not know the call to the rally and that, in principle, According to the academic calendar approved by the College Board of Directors, there will be one call in February and two calls in March To take the final exams.

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