USCIS is reducing wait times in various immigration procedures in the United States

USCIS Significantly Reduces Wait Times for Essential Immigration Procedures USCIS has achieved significant reductions in wait times for various vital immigration procedures for those seeking to settle on US soil.

In a year marked by the resolution of more than 10 million cases filed by immigrants in its offices across the country, USCIS highlighted its commitment to efficiency and concern for those who request its services.

The Director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Or M. Jado expressed her satisfaction with the agency’s performance, stressing her pride in its dedication to achieving justice and integrity in serving the immigrant community. “We have reached an important milestone by completing a record number of cases, in addition to providing crucial humanitarian assistance in times of global crises,” he said.

Data provided by USCIS support these improvements, with statistics showing significant reductions in processing times for many basic forms.

Some procedures have been simplified

For example, the processing time for Form N-400, which is vital for a citizenship application, was reduced to 5.7 months, exceeding expectations set by six months during the previous fiscal year.

Additionally, the agency has implemented a number of changes to wait times for various models, with reductions ranging from 1% to 72%.

To continue to improve the accessibility and efficiency of its services, USCIS has significantly expanded its online tools. This expansion allows users to manage their procedures more easily, reflecting the agency's adaptation to today's digital requirements.

A concrete example of this initiative is the online processing of more than 430,000 address changes through December 2023. This tool is expected to not only make the process easier for users, but will also reduce the burden on the USCIS call center by up to 31% , which frees up increased resources for other important activities.

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Some immigration procedures that will be faster in the United States:

  1. Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization):
    • Previous waiting period: 7.5 months
    • New standby time: 5.7 months
    • Reduction: 24%
  2. Form I-765 (Application for Work Authorization, except DACA):
    • Previous waiting period: 6.8 months
    • New waiting period: 4.6 months
    • Reduction: 32%
  3. Form I-131 (Application for Travel Document – Advance Parole):
    • Previous waiting period: 8.8 months
    • New waiting period: 8.7 months
    • Reduction: 1%
  4. Form I-539 (Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status):
    • Previous waiting period: 9.6 months
    • New standby time: 2.7 months
    • Reduction: 72%
  5. Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative, Immediate Relative):
    • Previous waiting period: 13.3 months
    • New waiting period: 12.5 months
    • Reduction: 6%

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