Call for Science Seeds for undergraduate students interested in research (APECYTE Scholarships)

In its call for Seeds of Science Scholarships 2024, the Association of Science and Technology Employees (APECYTE) in collaboration with the Directorate of Research, Science and Technology (DICyT) of the Ministry of Health and Sports of Mendoza, is offering scholarships to university students who feel motivated by scientific research in our province.


APECYTE partners (Association of Science and Technology Employees), Mendoza science and technology workers, coordinate this scholarship program, which consists of monthly assistance for 8 (eight) months a year, and 4 (four) months linked to the first semester (April ) to July) and the remaining four (four) months in the second semester (September to December). The amount awarded will vary depending on the cost of the basic urban bus ticket at the beginning of each semester and will equate to approximately 180 tickets per month.

The beneficiary may use financial aid to cover expenses associated with transportation, tuition payment, supplies needed for his or her study, food, and/or clothing. The use of scholarship funds is exclusively personal and non-transferable.

Financial aid recipients may be favored for a maximum of six semesters continuously or alternately during their studies. Students receiving scholarships will be informed of their awards in March and September.

Financial aid will be received monthly and will be renewed semi-annually. Aid will be suspended if the beneficiary does not maintain their regular student schedule. Holders of Semillero de Ciencias scholarships must notify APECYTE as soon as possible of any situation that interrupts the normal use of the scholarship, including prolonged interruption or abandonment of studies for whatever reason (work, personal, family).

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College students from Mendoza Province who are or have been involved in research projects can apply for the Seeds of Science Scholarship. On the socio-academic level, they must have a regular study system (more than 50% of approved subjects annually) and do not have sufficient financial resources to cover their university education. First-year students starting their undergraduate studies can also apply.

It is necessary that the application obtain approval or recommendation from the professor of the course to be taught, who will cooperate in the implementation of the scholarship. Beneficiaries will inform APECYTE of their regular status at the end of each elective year. In the case of students who have recently entered university, attestation can also be provided by a teacher from the high school in which they were students. Particular consideration will be given to applications from students who are, or have been, involved in research projects, in the case of applicants.

In the Call for 2024, the Directorate of Research, Science and Technology (DICyT) of the Ministry of Health and Sports, Government of Mendoza, has decided to support and contribute financially to the awarding of the Semillero de Ciencias Scholarships in the field of Life Sciences.Health. These scholarships are in addition to those awarded by the original Science Seedbed program funded by APECYTE. Therefore, we ask applicants for Health Sciences Scholarships to indicate in their presentation their connection to this specific call funded by DICyT. The application requirements for these scholarships are the same as for regular APECYTE scholarships.

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The required documents

  • Motivation letterExplaining the reasons for the request (social and economic status of the family group) and indicating the name of the scientific project in which they participated or are participating at the time of presentation. Brief description of the tasks performed.
  • Teacher endorsement This indicates the student’s participation in the research project and their appreciation for the quality of the work that has been implemented or is being implemented.
  • Regular student certificate, or the Student Management Report, which contains the materials approved to date. In the case of first-year students, a document proving their entry into a public national university.

Consultation and submission of presentations: [email protected]

Choose the candidate

APECYTE will hold an annual call for applications for the Semillero de Ciencias Scholarship. The call will determine the requirements for receiving scholarships. The final selection of scholarship students will be made by a voluntary evaluation committee composed of members of APECYTE, CONICET and the national universities located in the province of Mendoza.

For the Semillero de la Ciencias 2024 Scholarship Competition, applications will be accepted until Friday, March 15, 2024.

Members of the evaluation committee

  1. Dr. Julieta N. Aranibar (IANIGLA, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Cuyo National University, APECYTE
  2. Dr. Juan Alvarez (IANIGLA, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, National University of Cuyo)
  3. Dr. Anna M. Soror (Ianigla)
  4. Dr. Andres Lo Vecchio (Ianigla, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, National University of Cuyo)
  5. Dr. Facundo Rojas (Ianigla, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, National University of Cuyo)
  6. Dr. Ricardo Villalba (IANIGLA, APECYTE)
  7. Professor Elena Maria Abraham (IADIZA, APECYTE)
  8. Engineer Philip Genovese (San Rafael Regional College, National Technological University)
  9. Dr. Miguel Giardina (IDEVEA, CONICET)
  10. Dr. Maria Teresa Damiani (Secretary for International Research and Postgraduate Studies, Cuyo National University)

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