Learn about the distance education method at the University of Medical Sciences

Students and professors of the University of Medical Sciences in Cienfuegos devote time and effort to the distance education method, which was developed as part of the educational teaching process by decision of the Ministry of Public Health due to the complex epidemiological situation in the province.

Distance education has been established in an afternoon session that joins integrated community action, and inquiries are made every morning in the health districts of the eight Cienfuegos municipalities.

Prepare methodically, The master professors of each subject along with the heads of the educational departments create working files that include the contents to be studiedThe university receives them in the weekly rounds of the comprehensive clinics.

As the dean of the University of Medical Sciences in this city, Alexis Diaz Preto stated: “In addition to being on the university’s FTP site, they are also present in the comprehensive clinic machines so that students can achieve them in the afternoon. Schedule and download this information and study in Education about distance “.

Alexis Diaz Preto, Dean of the University of Medical Sciences in Cienfuegos

Professors implement programs in the fields of health through educational consultations so that students can read explanations about the contents of the volumes.

Alexis explains, “In these folders we include the phone numbers of all the teachers, so students can exchange. We keep our labs open until 8:00 pm, so they can review the folders at our university.”

In these folders, they display the dates for the tasks that will be delivered. There are subjects close to the road and through additional class work, already at the end of the first semester of the continuing semester.

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Distance education ucm cienfuegos

Our students deliver their homework in their clinicsCareful, and as a university, we go on tours and collect that extra work. We evaluate them here and evaluate them, and this is the degree they got. “

During this week, they will take to the polyclinics the second semester volumes of first-year students.

Part of the educational process at the University of Medical Sciences is personal, with the third, fourth and fifth years of a bachelor’s degree in clinical biological analysis, hygiene, epidemiology, and nursing., With a program of lectures and practical lessons. Final years remain in the pre-professional stage.

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