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Messaging application WhatsApp They are about to make one of the most notable changes they have made since their invention. March 2024 brings many surprises for the green logo app. Here we leave you more details about this topic.

Technology always plays the leading role in this type of feedback, because without it none of this would be possible. Thanks to all these technological advancements, people now have smartphones or smartphones.

These smartphones have the advantage of being able to have a wide range of applications, each with a specific purpose.

One of the most famous and important communication applications in recent times is the WhatsApp application. It is even considered the best instant messaging application in the world.

WhatsApp, in its long journey through this world of technology, has gone through a large number of changes, because, just like technological devices, these virtual programs also need to be updated to improve them.

After years of updates, WhatsApp recently announced one of the biggest changes in years. It is worth noting that there are many changes that the WhatsApp application has undergone, but there is one that stands out above all, in addition to the reason for its existence.

WhatsApp launched the update on the first day of March 2024, although it may arrive at a different time, depending on where you live. This update brought several changes, including the following:

Respond to messages from other platforms

Starting with this new update, you will be able to reply to messages from social networks and other platforms from WhatsApp, a change very similar to other messaging apps.

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In addition to being a very notable change, the reason for adding this tool is directly related to the implementation of the EU Digital Markets Act.

This law specifically stipulates that all applications in the WhatsApp line must include this tool so that users can use it optimally between applications.

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Search for messages in chats

Many of us have used the message finder in some of our conversations to find specific messages. Well, this job has taken an unexpected turn.

WhatsApp has announced that you will now be able to search your conversations by dates. An option has been added in the form of a calendar. To search for messages by day, we only have to click on this icon.

Improve privacy

WhatsApp always boasts of one of the best security services for its users. On this occasion, WhatsApp has been able to ban screenshots of profile photos, meaning that it will no longer be possible to take screenshots of anyone's profile photos.

Setting the table

Many people know that using certain keyboard symbols, you can make your messages bold, italic, or strikethrough, among other things. Well, now, in this new update, you can create list type tables with separators, headings and colors.

A very useful way to create more organized lists without needing an external app will now be built into WhatsApp itself.

Seeing invisible situations

We know very well the stories that can be uploaded to WhatsApp, in addition to other applications belonging to the company that owns Meta. Now it will be possible to see a short preview of the story in a box, where you will be shown only part of the story versus not showing what you saw to the owner of the story.

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Suspicious conversations

Once again we touch on the security issue that WhatsApp deals with. This time, due to many complaints about this topic, WhatsApp has implemented a tool that will notify users when a message contains a suspicious tone or looks like a scam.

One neat way to avoid scams by cybercriminals is this warning message that will appear when you open a suspicious chat.

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