Cali 2022: IAAF Under-20 World Championships 2022: Finals summary and result in Cali: DA 5

TheUntil the fifth and penultimate day in The World Under-20 Championship in Athletics couldn’t have started in a better wayMexico won its first medal in the exhibition and For the first time, the Mexican national anthem was heard thanks to Carla Zimena Serrano’s victory in the rally. In the afternoon the rain again forced some finals to be postponed, but the emotions didn’t stop and we had great competitions like the 200m race and the 4×400 relay in both branches.

Carla Serrano and Paula Bueno shine for Mexico

On this fifth day, the first two medals arrived in Mexicoforward Carla Serrano who won the gold medal in the women’s walking test big, the Mexican practically outnumbered the Japanese infantry in the last centimeters to give Mexico the gold. The good results of the Mexican delegation continued into the night and in the final test for the day, No. Paula Bueno, who took the silver in the hammer throw. Thus, Mexico put its name on the 2022 Cali medal table.

Colombia celebrates too

The other good result of the Latin representation, Colombia added two more medals. first silver with Natalie Linares who won the silver in the long jump and then, The astonishing performance of the 4×100 relay race, where the Colombians were surprised to take the podium And grab the bronze medal.

Glory and drama in 4×100 series

Bittersweet moments in a 4×100 sequence. we consider Jamaica will dominate the event in stunning fashion, as well as setting a new record for the U-20 World Championship. But in men, South Africa celebrated the gold, but disqualification left it out of the test Finally, the Japanese rose to the top, in addition to allowing the United States to retain the bronze medal.

Jamaica dominates in the 200m

200 meters away, Brianna Liston of Jamaica flew over a tartan to win the gold medalIn addition, Alana Red increased the Jamaican yield, and remained with the bronze. Jayla Jamison from the United States completed the podium.

We left the rest of the day To the new champion in the 400m hurdles, where Turkey’s Ismail Nazir won the gold medalin 3000 AD victory went Malakina Aziza from Ethiopia. While Jaydon Hebert has been declared the triple jump champion with the world championship record.

Activity ends on Saturday and you will be able to enjoy competitions through Marca Claro and Claro Sports.

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