C5 and Forensic Science Violates Zacatecano – Las Noticias Ya!

Zacatecas, Zak. – Based on a citizen’s complaint filed in the media, the IZAI commissioners decided to initiate verification ex officio of a possible personal data breach at the Institute of Forensic Sciences in Zacatecas, as well as the leadership of the Coordination Center for Integrated Surveillance and Communication (C5).

This was stated by Samuel Montoya Alvarez, Chief Commissioner, and Fabiola Torres Rodriguez, Commissioner, who highlighted that in recent days a media outlet had announced a possible breach of personal data.

“In this case, a citizen received employees of various funeral services companies at his home, minutes after calling 911 emergency services to report the death of a relative,” said Montoya Alvarez.

As a result, she added, IZAI’s Personal Data Protection Department has been instructed, in accordance with the law, to verify ex officio the filters and security measures available at the Institute of Forensic Science in the state of Zacatecas, which is affiliated with the state. The Attorney General’s office, as well as C5, attached to the General State Security.

He stressed that the citizen did not file a complaint with IZAI, but there are elements to start verification ex officio.

“Personal data that is provided to public institutions should not be disclosed, as well as information that makes people identifiable and may lead to discrimination or pose serious risks to its owners,” he said.

The Commissioners stressed that any public or private institution that deals with personal data must observe the principle of proportionality, that is, to ensure that the private information of its workers and other people is used in an appropriate, necessary and relevant manner, and in strict adherence to the purposes for which the data was obtained.

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Likewise, it is responsible for ensuring a duty of confidentiality regarding sensitive data to anyone who has access to it.

IZAI reiterated to the citizens that in the event of any violation of their personal information, they can submit the corresponding complaint to the authorities authorized by law, which is, in the case of public institutions, IZAI, and INAI when by private.

To file a complaint with IZAI, the complainant must go to the guarantor by a free letter, in which he links the facts on which the complaint is based, the responsible person who incurred in the incorrect handling of the personal data, the complainant’s name, signature, and means of receiving notifications. You may submit the document in person or to the email [email protected]

With regard to complaints of misuse of personal data in the possession of a private entity, the complainant must submit his complaint in writing stating the facts on which the complaint is based, the responsible person who incurred the incorrect treatment of the personal data, the name and signature of the complainant, and the means for receiving notifications. You can do this through the inquiry email to [email protected] You can also file a complaint electronically at www.datospersonales.org.mx

Commissioner Samuel Montoya Alvarez and Fabiola Torres Rodriguez emphasized that in any case of personal data breach, IZAI is keen to provide advice through corporate social networks and online chat at www.izai.org.mx

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