How to speed up and improve internet browsing with a web browser

How to improve speed when using the browser

There are several browsers that we can use Internet service. There are many options available for both mobile and desktop computers. Some are more geared towards improving privacy and security, others may be more rapid, or some have more outside tools.

We will be providing some tips to make both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox work as well as possible. It is important that they be optimized so that there is sufficient browsing speed and no problems. We’ll talk about these two options since they are the two options with the largest number of users.

Optimize cache

One of the tricks we can observe to make the browser run faster is Optimize cache. We can clean it up when we have malfunctions. It’s something we can implement in both Chrome and Firefox and the process is similar.

When we browse the Internet and enter any web page, the browser stores the information. They are Small site files Which is saved on your device to download this website more quickly in the future. However, this feature can have its downside and that is when browsing through many websites the cache can be too large and lead to complications.

To optimize the cache in Chrome, we have to go to the menu at the top right (the three dots), and click on More Tools and Clear browsing data. There we can choose which period we want to delete. Later we press delete data and restart the browser.

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In Mozilla Firefox, the process is the same. We have to go to options, privacy, security, and clean data and mark web content and cache and give it Clean. Then we will just have to restart the browser.

Clean up data in Firefox

Browser update

Another very important tip for a browser to function properly and quickly is to get it Updated. This is something we must apply to whatever option we use. This way we will avoid problems and will always be able to count on the improvements that can be made in each new release.

In the case of Chrome, to check that we have updated it properly, you have to go to Menu, Help & Information. There it will show us which version we are using and if there is a new version it will be updated automatically.

Find out if your browser is up to date

In Mozilla Firefox, the process is the same. We should go to the menu, enter instructions and select About Firefox. A new window will open containing information about the version we are using.

Don’t overload Chrome or Firefox with extensions

We must also recommend Do not overload the browser With accessories. Chrome and Firefox both have many add-ons that can help us in our day. Some may offer interesting functions that the browser does not come as standard.

However, with an excess of this type of tool, we can run into problems as well. Some extensions may cause saturation and slow web page opening.

Keep the system and browser free from threats

Of course Safety. There are several threats that can also affect the browser itself. Adware, malicious plugins, and viruses that modify some parameters … all of this can also slow down when we browse with Chrome or Firefox.

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But not only do we have to maintain security in the browser itself, but also in the device we are using. Hence the importance of having tools installed to protect us, such as antivirus or firewall software.

Use add-ons that help with speed

Yes, we said that misuse of extensions could hamper the proper functioning of the browser. But there are some Accessories It can improve performance. The point is that they work in the best possible way, not to be overburdened and that they put pressure on the resources available to us.

Of course, we always recommend that you install them from official sources. In this way we will avoid problems that may put our security at risk. Sometimes, we can encounter an insecure third-party program.

Close unnecessary tabs

Each a blink of an eye That we have opened can slow down your browser usage. This will depend on the capacity of our machines. There will be instances when its effect will be more or less. Our advice is to close those that are not necessary. For example, the pages we visited and which we no longer need.

The alternative is to create bookmarks to store those sites that we may need in the future. So we will always provide it but it will not affect the browser performance.

Beware of security software

At Antivirus or firewall It is very important. It helps us prevent attacks that affect security that might even affect the speed of the browser. However, having misconfigured software of this type could also harm us. We must always take care of the software that we will install to protect ourselves and that it is well optimized and configured.

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In short, here are some interesting tips to improve speed when browsing with Firefox or Chrome. They are simple steps that we can apply in our daily life to achieve optimum performance and avoid problems.

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