Pepillo Origel was taken to the hospital in an emergency for this reason

Once again the Mexican journalist Juan Jose Origel It is again a trend in the world of social networking; However, this time not because of a scandal, but because his followers are worried about him the health, after it became known that it should be hospital emergency.

Was in Program Profiles ‘Excuse me’ A picture of the caller lying on a hospital bed with a dotted face was broadcast.

The above has become a topic in the entertainment world, as confirmed by many bibelo He contracted COVID-19, an illness that would have complicated his health.

Even his partner Martha Figueroa admitted that he began to think about it and walked away from him for fear of contracting this disease, because the actor was already feeling bad for several days.

“I was going away because I (thought) sure it was COVID, but even though we are at a time when everything bad in the world is COVID; no, there are other evils already one of which has occurred in Bibelo and that is why he was hospitalized,” the journalist began. by saying.

What happened to Pepillo Origel?

Despite speculation about COVID-19, it was the same bibelo who revealed, through a video broadcast on his Unicable show, “Con Permiso,” why he went to the hospital and had to undergo emergency surgery.

“Here in Lyon, I had an emergency hernia surgery. I had a hernia, my sister-in-law Dr. Hector Flores had surgery on me and by the time they opened it, I had a hernia and it fits me because it was two for one.”

Although he hardly had to be hospitalized, Uriel He is already planning to return to his activities, which he may resume the following week.

“By next week I hope to be there with a full body, but thank you very much. Here I am recovering, in my land, in Leon, Guanajuato, notice I’m coming to the party and look where I ended up,” he concluded.

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