Bronze helmet and blanco for teams in the European Cup 10,000 meters

Sweet and sour taste for both of us representative Leonese at the European Cup 10000 meters in Birmingham (UK), where they managed to climb on the podium at the team level, but did not achieve their personal goals at the individual level.

Raoul celada and Jorge white They, along with the rest of the Spanish men’s team, hung the teams bronze medal at this 10,000m European Cup held in Birmingham, UK.

Neither of them came close to 28 minutes, the target identified by both for this test. Celada managed to complete a good first half of the race, putting in a group that, in the end, lowered that bar by 28 minutes, but started losing positions from 5000 meters Until the end of the 26th (28:56).

Ines Venero stands for her personal brand, realized in Los Corrales del Buelna.
Ines Venero stands for her personal brand, realized in Los Corrales del Buelna.

And it was not Jorge Blanco’s day, who at all times was far from his goal. Leones crossed the finish line in office 35ª (30:33) In the end, he showed his dissatisfaction with the performance offered.

As for the Spaniards, he highlighted the performance of the Aragonese Carlos Mayo She finished third (27:25) making the Olympic minimum with the third best Spanish mark ever. Jesus Ramos completed the national performance (6th, 28:49, personal best), Czech Pérez (18º, 28:27) and Yago Rojo (22º, 28:43).

Dani Perez of Lyon won the bronze with his personal best in the European adaptive long jump

Other competitions

On the other hand, others Lyonnaise Compete this weekend. In Salamanca, bowlers Monica Poraz and Danny Pardo set their season marks with throws of 15.07 meters and 17.17 meters, respectively.

In Los Corrales del Buelna (Cantabria), Blanca Fernandez has run 1,500 metres, where he won the test with a time of 4:14:30 and played the Cristina Espejo rabbit in the 5000. Sergio Allegri also took part in the ‘Milkie’ who finished third (3:48.97) and discus throwers Alejandro Vielva and Ines Veneiro, who finished fourth (52.28 metres) and the first (52.81 metres), respectively.

What is more, Ines Viniro Get it this weekend Best Personal Brand In Corrales de Buelna. The Lyonian athlete has achieved a character 5.281, his personal best result this weekend in Cantabrian.

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