India this Sunday recorded fewer cases of novel coronavirus in the past two months – Juventud Rebeldi

New Delhi, June 6. – India recorded the lowest number of SARS-CoV-2 infections in the past two months this Sunday, at 114,460 cases, far from the peak of more than 400,000 cases in May, a decline that was also reflected in a slow decline in deaths, reports the EFE agency.

This drop in the number of infections in India has not been observed since last April 6, when cases were just under 97,000, with a consecutive increase that will soon lead to the collapse of the health system, with not enough beds in hospitals. Intensive care unit or medical oxygen for the care of the most critical patients.

“The country has recorded less than 200,000 cases per day for the past 10 days. This is the result of the continuous cooperation and efforts of the central government and the regions,” the Indian Ministry of Health celebrated in a statement.

This sharp decrease in injuries is not reflected in a clear decrease in deaths, which again led to reducing the barrier of 3000 deaths, with 2677, which is about 700 less than yesterday compared to more than 4500 at the end of May. , a number exceeded only by the United States and Brazil.

Total infections now in India have risen to 28.8 million, data exceeded only by the United States, of which 5.1% are active, 1.4 million, about 77,500 less than yesterday.

The positivity rate also now stands at 5.62% after having crossed 20% at the beginning of May. The World Health Organization considers a pandemic to be under control in a country if the positivity rate is less than 5%.

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The country’s vaccination campaign remains the main option to defeat this epidemic, although India is progressing slowly with 1,350 million people, 231 million doses given since January, 3.3 million in the last day, and nearly 46 million people with full immunization.

Currently, the Asian country only has AstraZeneca’s Covishield vaccines, which are manufactured by the Serum Institute of India (SII); Covaxin, from the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech; And potions produced in India and imported from the Russian formula Sputnik V.

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