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The company will offer streaming titles that can be played with the phone as a controller

Netflix has a catalog of More than 70 games Which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. These titles are often related to their most successful series, such as Stranger Things, or games that already existed but Netflix Purchased to create an exclusive catalog.

And now the company wants to bring some of them to the biggest screen in the home, too. Starting today, some Netflix users in the UK and Canada will be able to stream not only movies and series, but… Also games Operating remotely on company servers.

The initiative starts with a very limited catalogue. There are only two titles, but the plan is to offer more in the near future. “This limited beta is to test our technology and our controller so we can get it up and running,” he explains. Mike VerdoResponsible for the company's gaming strategy.

The console is perhaps the most interesting thing about the new service, because it is not necessary to buy one or use a traditional unit like those used in computers and consoles. Instead, thanks to an app, the user's phone becomes the means of controlling the on-screen action.

Netflix chose the graphic adventure Oxenfree, was initially created for PC and consoles by developer Night School Studio, which was acquired by Netflix in 2021, as the star of the new service. The other game available in this beta phase is Molihue Mining Adventurea corridor created for the platform.

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Not all TVs will be compatible with the cloud gaming catalog. Netflix explains that initially it will only be available on Samsung, LG, Roku models and some local electronics manufacturers. Using a device like Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV also ensures access. Camel It is not included among the options and Netflix may have problems adding it since Apple, to begin with, blocks apps that in turn have a catalog in which games or apps are offered without going through the AppStore.

The company confirms that cloud gaming will soon also be available through web browsers, which will open the door to playing these titles on personal computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Although it's a fairly small first step, the new service makes Netflix a direct competitor X-Box And Play Station. Both Microsoft and Sony have game streaming services available to their users. In addition to being able to play them on consoles, these services also allow you to enjoy the games on a computer, tablet or mobile phone without having to download the full game. However, it requires a good network connection.

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