Brittany Beau, the skater who was “granted” a place at the Winter Olympics

American figure skater Brittany Bo He taught us a lesson beyond sports “Give” one of his Olympic seats to Erin Jackson. Both are part of the US team that will compete in the Beijing 2022 Olympics and reflect the spirit that should prevail in any discipline.

It turns out and highlights it Bo Way Jackson They competed in the 500m speed skating event in search of Beijing 2022 tickets. Jackson is #1, but he fell down Who sent it to third and there is already I had no possibility to classify for the Olympics.

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So without thinking twice, Brittany Boo decided to leave her place in Jackson’s hands. This noble gesture was praised by millions of people and was unprecedented or unprecedented. The US Olympic team shed light on what happened and Brittany Bowie herself explained the reasoning behind the decision.

Erin got the right to join the team and compete in the 500m race. She is number one in the world and no one deserves more than the chance of her coming home with a medal for Team USA. After the fall and without this ending, I knew that in case I had to make a decision, she could have my place

It is the spirit of the Olympic Games. It’s about being a great teammate, that’s Team USA, he’s bigger than me. Eren will have a chance to fetch a medal, hopefully a gold; It is an honor to give you this opportunity because you deserve itBrittany Beau said in an interview with NBC. The best part about all of this is that she won’t be left without participating in Beijing 2022, but He will compete in 1,500 metres It is their specialty.

Brittany Beau, the skater who

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Erin Jackson’s Emotional Gratitude To Brittany Bowe

What few know is that Brittany Boe and Erin Jackson have known each other since they were young. They grew up together on and off the ice, so their relationship goes beyond respect for the sport. This made the gratitude of the best in the world in this category even more emotional.

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Its hard to describe in words. I am more than grateful and I am very happy. I grew up with Brittany, have known her for most of my life and know what a wonderful person she is.. She has always been there for me, supports me, is a great guide and someone I can talk to when I need a friend or advice. It’s a great friendship and I’m so grateful

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