From a football player to Mr. Olympia 2023: Who is the athlete who won the most popular bodybuilding competition and earned thousands of dollars?

This is how three bodybuilders competed for Mr. Olympia

This weekend he was there The most important competition in the world of bodybuilding: Mr. Olympia 2023, an event that brings together the most important professional athletes in the world (United States, Iran, Egypt, United Kingdom, Canada, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Libya and France)who compete in different categories for a fantastic cash prize.

In this edition, Mr. Olympia Open 2023 division He had a new champion after the American Derek Lunsford He managed to beat the Iranian bodybuilder Hadi ChopinWho strangely took the trophy the year before after besting him on the podium.

“When you respect the man who pushes you to be better. You can be gracious in their victory. On stage, we are competitors and fighting for the prestigious trophy Sandow, Mr. Olympia title The check is for $400,000 who accompanies him. We use every opportunity to show our best. I could say a lot about Hadi, but I will sum it up in a few words. “He was always a genuine, kind and supportive human being,” Lunsford said after his fall in 2022.

Unlike last year, in this edition Chopin, who is known in the environment as Persian wolf, He preferred not to attend the awards ceremony After finishing second only before Samson Dauda, who completed the platform. While the American won his second award within the organization after winning another in the 212 category in 2021.

In his second year of participation in the Al-Aqsa Championship organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB), North America was able to celebrate And see how this young man who devoted himself to football and Greco-Roman wrestling during his high school studies in Petersburg (Indiana) turned into a man. He achieved his biggest dream at the sporting level.

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His career in the world of bodybuilding It started when I was 22 years old. The American switched from ball to weights when he entered college and made his debut by winning an amateur competition. For 2018, the now 30-year-old athlete, He actually turned professional and competed in Mr. Olympia for the first time.

This event, which was held for the second time in Orlando, Florida (20 years after it was organized in Las Vegas), is The most important thing in the union Who distributes the most money? Between all competitions (such as the Arnold Classic, Olympia Amateur, etc.). Until last year, the winner received $400,000 in addition to additional sponsorships and bonuses.

Chris BumsteadFor this part, He retained the title for the fifth time in a row in the Mr. Olympia Classic Physics category. To become the most famous five-time champion in the world and receive a reward of $50,000.

Five-time division champion He used his social networks to celebrate and send a deep message to his partner, Which accompanied him throughout the tournament: “You not only give me a reason to be strong, you make me stronger. It’s hard to explain the confidence that knowing can give you that no matter the outcome of life, the person you love the most will always be by your side,” Bumstead said and stated: “Thank you for always believing in me, even if my self-confidence was wavering. i love you forever. Now let’s bring him home.”

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