Britain’s Secretary of State for the Environment resigns after criticizing the Johnson inquiry

Madrid, June 30 (European Press) –

Britain’s Minister of State for the Environment Zac Goldsmith resigned on Friday after criticizing the House of Commons Privileges Committee’s investigation into former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Goldsmith, who has argued his resignation was due to the government’s “indifference” on environmental issues, was rebuked this week by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak specifically for his comments on the Johnson case.

And in a letter addressed to the British “Prime Minister”, he accused Sunak of “showing no interest” in climate issues, according to information from the BBC television network.

Although he did not allude to the concessions committee, he said he was “horrified” by the government’s “abandonment” in its commitment to the environment, and lamented “the country’s leadership on this matter gone out” around the world. “The problem is not that the government is hostile to the environment, but rather that our prime minister simply has no interest,” he emphasized.

However, Sunak criticized his position and indicated that he had decided to resign after he was asked to “apologise” for his “unacceptable attack on the committee”. Thus, he has stressed that his position in relation to this committee is “inconsistent” with his position as Secretary of State.

“You were asked to apologize, but you decided otherwise,” said the British president, still highlighting the work of Goldsmith, who joined other Conservative voices in criticizing the Privileges Committee over the investigation. Downing Street during the pandemic when Johnson was prime minister.

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