Cristiano Ronaldo affected by the UK gasoline crisis

United kingdom It is suffering from a major crisis due to the lack of gasoline, which is practically suffering from a total of eight thousand gas stations distributed throughout the country. This fact caused the government led Boris Johnson He decided to take the army out into the streets.

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo He is not living out of this crisis. According to the British newspaper, “The Sun”, a number of members of the footballer’s security team Manchester United They have been seen waiting up to eight hours for fuel at various service stations.

Witnesses told the outlet: “The two men seemed to be tired of waiting in the rain. Ronaldo may be at home like everyone else if this continues.”

In fact, there are viral photos of employees Cristiano At gas stations with some luxury cars owned by the footballer in England.

The UK government It is trying to persuade British carriers to get behind the wheel again as part of a plan to alleviate shortages at gas stations, in order to avoid having to hire migrant workers.

Chancellor of the Exchequer , Simon ClarkHe told the BBC’s public chain last Thursday that a campaign was underway to “encourage people who want to get back into transport to do what they do” and that despite a shortfall of 100,000 transport companies, the conservative executive would also grant 5,000 temporary visas to drivers. Society.

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