So you can quickly find out if there are hackers on your WiFi from your mobile phone

Owns Wi-Fi intruders It can be a big problem, because it will affect the quality of the network and you may have limitations. Therefore, its detection is necessary to take action as soon as possible. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how you can find out if someone is connected to your wireless network from a mobile phone. You will see that it is very simple and fast. In addition, the fact that we use the phone nowadays for almost everything on the internet makes it essential to check that everything is working fine on the connection.

How can an intruder get into your Wi-Fi? The most common is that it happens with a bad password or even leaving the network open. If you use a weak key, an attacker could exploit it to gain control of that network. From there, you will be able to connect, hardware vision What’s in it, hardware output… You may also run into legal issues, since it will navigate using your IP address.

Watch intruders in your mobile Wi-Fi network

Can Detect intruders on Wi-Fi Both from a computer and from a mobile phone. However, we will focus on the phone option. Sometimes the question may arise whether there are hackers or we are even interested in knowing which devices are connected to the network. You’ll be able to see if your computer, TV, or any home automation device you might have, like a light bulb or smart plug, is on.

Enter router settings

The first option you will have is to access a file router configuration. You’ll be able to do this at any time and with any router, though the process may vary by model. Generally, you will have to enter through the default gateway There, you will have to put the matching username and password.

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Once in the configuration, it will depend on your router. The normal thing is that you have to go to the menu and access the status of online, connected or similar. On some models, you will need to go to the device information and enter DHCP. There you will see the complete list of all devices connected to the network.

For example, in the case of the Movistar Smart WiFi 6 router, you need to go to the advanced settings and enter the connection status. Simply with that, you will see the connected devices. In the previous router, the HGU also provided by Movistar, you have to go to the device information and enter DHCP.

Application Usage

Another option to see which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi is to use an app like finger. You can download it for both android As for iOS. One of its functions is to show which devices are connected to the wireless network that this phone is connected to at that moment.

If you see that something is not adding something, and some hardware is not compatible with anything you have, then you should be suspicious and find out what could be the reason. Maybe you have a weak password and some intruder may have accessed it. In this case, you will also have to check whether it has been updated or not, and also change the passwords.

In short, as you can see, you can find out if there are Wi-Fi intruders in a simple and fast way from your mobile phone. You can access the router, configure it, but also use an app like Fing. This will help you to take action if you see that your router is not well protected.

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