“Bridgerton” protagonist, are you dating ex-Ariana Grande? – is yours

Actress Phoebe Dainfoot shared some photos from her trip to New York and sparked rumors about an affair with Ariana Grande’s ex-fiancĂ©. For his part, he also made some trips to the UK, which he was supposed to see. ”Daphne“.

English actress Denivot’s vibe, Who played “Daphne“In the series”Bridgerton, Raised suspicions among fans about an alleged affair with Pete Davidson, Previous to Ariana Grand.

Photo: IG
Photo: IG

According to British media such as daily Mail, Comedian Saturday Night Live Was visiting Trenchham, UKThe city the actress was born in, and it seems the reason for her trip was to meet Phoebe.

For her part, she was the actress in recent times New York For filming the seriesyoungerHe did not waste the moment of posting some pictures on his Instagram account, and on her journey through the “Big Apple”, she wrote: “I am grateful to have been here for a while.”

Photo: IG

After recording, Dynevor is back on Manchester, Where Filmed in action. Davidson For his part, he shared a photo with his fans on Trenchham, A nearby town and he told his fans he was “staying with his friends”.

real time, All that is said about the potential relationship between an actress and a comedian is just speculation based on images that would put them in the same place.

to me daily Mail, These trips She gave both celebrities a chance to meet And the formation of a “close relationship”.

Other sources, such as the newspaper the sun, They confirm it Davidson, who was engaged to Ariana Grande, And it was Short relationships with actresses Kate Beckinsale and Margaret Quayle, Would Very excited With the development of his romantic relationship with the Bridgerton actress.

This is not the first time that Davidson has been linked to a celebrity. Just a few days ago, the comedian made headlines with a press release from a company called “Cats Presents Winery,” which stated that Peter had founded the company and he was married to the co-founder who was His childhood friend. The Davidson rep soon came out to deny it, stating that it was completely untrue.

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