Boxing: “British Boxing Invasion” arrives Friday in Barcelona

eIn the world that emerged after World War II, culture played an essential role, with the so-called British invasion. With the Beatles as the greatest exponent, several British groups revolutionized music at the time, reaching first places on the charts in the United States.

On the sports front, the countries of stars and stripes, along with the Soviet Union, topped the Olympic medal table. Where there has been no controversy in professional boxing, American fighters have been wearing the most belts for decades. Promoters like Don King or Bob Arum (both of whom are still active) set the pace for international boxing thanks to the juicy contracts they won with North American TVs.

The twelve-string sport retained its popularity in the UK, although the big stars were still Americans. In recent years, it has been the British accent that sets the pace for the boxing world, as it has doubled down on boxers from the islands battling for international titles. The global agreement with the DAZN platform allowed Matchroom Boxing to start an ambitious project, holding evenings in different countries. The sheer volume of licenses held by the UK, coupled with the good work of the Olympic team, allows Eddie Hearn to give good bags to several fighters alongside his main star, Anthony Joshua.

The Palau Olmpic Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona will be the scene on Friday of one of the best evenings held in Spain in recent years. Sandor Martn and Andoni Gago, two of the best national bands at the moment, will be able to reveal their European titles thanks to Hearn’s commitment, which thanks to DAZN’s support does not depend on the box office that does not exist now. His rivals, of course, will be three British boxers expanding into Spain British Boxing Invasion Who lives this sport.

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Originally from Luton, south London, Kay Prosper (14-1-1, 7 KO) got a late start in boxing, being crowned the English Lightweight Champion after appearing in small evenings. At the age of thirty-six, Prosper has no hesitation in saying this is a great show to show that he is ready to become a regular member of the Label of this level. For his Barcelona fight, Special K carefully chose his sparring partners, wearing gloves, with Olympic champion Luke Campbell or current world champion Josh Taylor, whom he dreams of facing in the future. Unlike boxers, who find it very difficult to find high-ranking competing partners in their country, the large number of boxers in the UK makes boot camps easy to run.

At the press conference, Barcelona Sandor Martin He put all the pressure on Prosper, who cornered the European Lightweight Championship in the main match tonight. “I am expecting a tactical fight. Sandor is very far fetched in the ring, but I have a plan. He is a proud man and it will be time to exchange blows, as he ties my hand.”As the British say.

The controversial results that gave Zilva Barrett the victory over Keiko Martinez in London are still remembered for all who will decide on Friday in this three-way match Spain against. United kingdom. “Keiko won. I’m in the same position as Keiko, boxing with someone who signed up with Match Room. I was chosen because of my age and because I wasn’t defeated, but it’s a bit misleading.”Prosper, the less glamorous side of British boxing, says. “Skills pay the bills (skill pays the bills)” The English Champion ends, using a phrase often repeated by Anglo-Saxon pgiles.

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Although their careers were intersected in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčtheir careers were very different. Gavin McDonnell (22-2-2, 6 kw). After passing all the tests for six years as a professional, including the continental title, Eddie Hearn organized his World Cup attack on British soil. But Mexican Ray Vargas continued the party in favor of McDonnell, who lost points. “Of course I want to play a rematch with the two rivals who lost me.”Says the former European champion, also referring to Daniel Romon, with whom he lost in 2018 in Chicago.

His victory over unbeaten Jamal Yafei allowed him to return to the World Cup. From the hands of MTK promoter, McDonnell trusts his team can guarantee them a third World Cup chance in the event of a defeat Andoni Gago.

The difference in height between the two was more than noticeable when they first met at the press conference. The British, expecting Bilbao to go a short distance, have put their preparedness for this battle in this regard. “I am a seasoned guy, and I trust everything I did on Friday will be reversed. I expect it to be a British trio on Friday, you can be sure I’ll do my part.”McDonnell declares very confident.

The confidence of the aspirant goes further than that, who dares to predict. “I think I can win before the maximum. My style is more accurate. I trust the referees’ neutrality, but finish the fight early so they don’t have to act.”British veteran says.

With a career more similar to that of Prosper than McDonnell, Jesse Smith (12-2-1, 5 KO) will face Kerman to Jarraja. Basques on the islands are known for their victories over Bradley Skate and Frankie Gavin, as well as more recently by defeating Tyrone Nurse, but his losses against David Avanesyan seem to have given Smith wings. “I’ve studied fights with Avanisian and I know Kerman’s weaknesses. Obviously I’m not going to tell you (laughs), but put DAZN so I can tell you about them directly.”Smith, 27, says he’s underestimated Bilpano’s impressive record.

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“The Kerman punch does not worry me, I am only thinking of winning on Friday and that the British are hitting a hat-trick in Barcelona.”Smith says. Like Prosper, the Londoner insists he faces a great opportunity in his career, for which he has prepared even the most demanding of requirements. “I’ve had a quarrel with Connor Ben. I’ve put together some quality rounds and I’m ready for whatever Kerman wants to suggest.”Say english.

From 8:00 pm on Friday, through DAZN we will see if Sandor Martn, Andoni Gago and Kerman Lejarraga are able to stop the “British invasion of boxing” in the ring, despite British boxers’ expectations. Outside of it, Eddie Hearn has already managed to rise to the title by breaking American dominance, expanding Matchroom Boxing into countries like Spain, as his promoter organizes the most important evening of the year.

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