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The Bolivian government protested on Wednesday (03.03.2021) to the United Kingdom, by the British media, which reported its alleged involvement in the social and political crisis of 2019 that led to the resignation of then-President Evo Morales, which the British embassy pointed out in rejecting La Paz categorically.

The Bolivian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that its President Rogelio Maita had “summoned” British Ambassador Geoff Gelkin on this day “to express the deep concern and indignation of the” national “government over the content of English digital media publications.” Recently

These publications refer to British “supposed support” for what the Louis Ars government and the government socialist movement regard as a “coup d’etat produced in Bolivia in November 2019, to respond to interests related to Bolivian lithium reserves.” In addition to other measures during the interim administration of former President Janine Anez.

In the meeting, Maita touched on “the historical friendly relations that unite the two countries, and for the sake of mutual trust, she awaits the statements of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland government” regarding the above-mentioned publications to clarify “potential interference in sovereignty and in internal affairs.”

The statement concluded that “likewise, he was asked to provide written information on the content of the endpoints of the posts.”

The British embassy describes the information as false

The British embassy said in a statement that the meeting held on Wednesday was asked “in the previous days” by that commission to address the various issues on the joint agenda with Foreign Minister Maita.

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The meeting was “just in time” to inform the Bolivian minister of the embassy’s position that the UK “fully respects the sovereignty of Bolivia and has in no way sought to interfere in the country’s internal affairs, let alone undermine its democracy”.

“Any proposal in this regard is totally baseless and wrong,” the memo said.

The British Embassy asserted that all projects that the United Kingdom is developing in Bolivia are part of the normal activity of any diplomatic representation “to improve bilateral relations” and are also “in the public domain”.

The statement, which also condemns the “unfortunate campaign of disinformation,” said the projects mentioned in the publications interrogated by the Ars government “began during the era of the previous MAS government and were developed in coordination with the higher authorities.”

Evo Morales asserted several times that Bolivian lithium was the cause of the “coup”, which he asserts was a victim of the political crisis that erupted after suspicions of fraud in the 2019 elections, a complaint he submitted. Repeatedly since then.

mg (efe, Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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