Bolivia is moving towards the Plurinational Educational Conference

The previous day in his report to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Independence Revolution, the President said: “At the Educational Conference (…) we will discuss widely and sincerely the progress, shortcomings and challenges at all levels of our education.” arriving at that position.

In that report, Arce added that, as a university professor, he wanted to be in this forum to articulate his diagnosis of education.

He stressed that for the first time in history, achievement and diagnostic tests will be conducted in primary and secondary schools, and their results will be important elements that must be taken into consideration at the conference.

“Family education has an essential role in the comprehensive development of our country. Teachers have a very important mission in our society and we value the work of those who have this call to service.

The Head of State stated that his government promoted the restoration of the right of Bolivians to education after the early closure of the 2020 academic year by the de facto government (2019-2020).

In this regard, he stressed the commitment to permanent work to improve the quality of the educational system in the Plurinational State.

During a televised interview in April this year, Arce emphasized that the quality of education in Bolivia is far from being a factor in the country’s development.

The president said in an interview, “Unfortunately, education is in danger, and there is a deterioration in the quality of education, and we must begin to stop discussing salaries and sectoral issues in order to talk about the educational issue in a completely serious and responsible manner.” With non-stop overnight space at Cadena A.

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There are also many information about the subject of the most important educational calidad and the observation post as the ministerial education and planning for the sea activities of the herramienta of the desert, to provide and provide opportunities for the children, with a pre-prepared evaluation. zaje de the students.

In this direction, he expressed that the government welcomed the idea of ​​holding the National Education Conference in 2024, which would be the ideal space to discuss structural issues.

He recommended that as part of modernizing the curriculum, emphasis should be placed on quantitative disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, in addition to the English language which he considered essential for enhancing scientific knowledge, in addition to the mother tongue.


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