Tom Brady receives an unexpected gesture from Irina Shayk that surprised everyone

Irina Shayk She was seen entering one of the apartments she owned Tom Brady This Wednesday arrived in a strange way, after they were recently rumored to have ended their supposed relationship.

The model showed up at the luxury New York City resort wearing an all-black leather outfit, choosing to walk through the front door closer to the photographers.

Let’s remember that the couple went out between July and August of this year, and they spent the night together at their home Brady From Los Angeles after the temperature in the car rose to dangerous levels.

Brady is imminent They also spent some time together in London, UK, where the Russian model was seen leaving the same hotel where the former player was staying, sparking rumors about the fun time they had together on holiday.

However, they have been distancing themselves in recent weeks, and while Irina Shayk is spending her days in New York, at the same time Tom Brady He is enjoying the Miami sun without complications and alone and according to the TMZ portal, the love between the two has simply ended.

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk were spotted together looking very happy

Did Irina Shayk and Tom Brady end their relationship?

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk They were still together when the model posted a photo on social networks with her ex-partner Bradley Cooper, which sparked rumors about a possible reconciliation between the two.

The Russian woman and Cooper have a common son, so they are not completely separated and maintain a good friendship for the benefit of the minor; However, this may also be the breaking point in her fleeting love affair with Brady.

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Tom Brady was flirting with Kim Kardashian

According to TMZ. Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady They shared a fun moment while bidding on a piece of art worth thousands of dollars and even “flirted a little.”

According to one witness, Kim and Tom A George Condo painting was auctioned at the Reform Alliance Charity in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Saturday evening.

Kim kardashian The offer started with $500,000 and then… Tom Brady He made a higher offer before they got into a pitched battle. While they were back and forth, the celebrities laughed and looked at each other, making the whole thing “very fun and interesting,” the source said.

When bidding reached $2 million, the event hosts stepped in and decided that they would each get their own George Condo painting.

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