Mexico received $32.926 million in foreign investment from January to September

the investment Foreign direct investment (FDI) received Mexico From January to September 2023 it amounted to $32.926 million secretary to Economy (he) from the Government of Mexico.

he amount SE said what was seized was 30 percent higher than the total recorded in the first nine months of 2022, when $25,272 million was logged in.

the Dependency The Mexican explained that this flow of investments does not take into account the extraordinary amounts resulting from the merger of Televisa-Univisión and the restructuring of Aeroméxico.

Without these operations, about $6.875 million direct foreign investment To Mexico in the period from January to September amounted to 26.51 million dollars.

Foreign direct investment in the third quarter of the year came from 2,539 Communities Mexican companies with the participation of foreign capital and 4 thousand 8 credit contracts, as well as a foreign legal entity.

76 percent of this investment Foreign profits correspond to profits that do not return to the country of origin; 16 percent corresponds to loans and payments between companies of the group of companies and 8 percent represents new investments in Mexico.

The behavior of foreign direct investment in the third quarter of 2023 “is a result trust The company indicated in a statement that the number of foreign investors is due to the good business environment and economic stability resulting from the economic and industrial policies promoted by the Mexican government.

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During the first nine months of 2023. United State It remained Mexico’s main trading partner, followed by Spain, Germany, Argentina, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland.

The Ministry of Economy also reported that 58 percent of direct foreign investment Received in this period in 5 states of the country, Mexico City was the city that received the largest share, with 32 percent of the total investments, equivalent to $10.550 million, followed by the states of Nuevo León, Sonora, Chihuahua and Mexico City.

by Subsectors Manufacturing in MexicoInvestments were prominent in the transportation equipment, metals, beverages, tobacco, chemicals, electrical appliances, and computer equipment industries.

With information from EFE

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