Bolivia government sends aid to victims of torrential rains

Defense Secretary Edmundo Novello said in an institutional press release that President Luis Arce “asked me to deliver” humanitarian aid to 500 affected families in the Hardman Community, San Pedro Municipality.

The aid, valued at just over $65,000, consists of bags of food items such as sugar, flour, rice and pasta, and labor supplies such as hoes, axes, machetes, clothing, bedding, shoes, kitchen supplies and alcohol. Among other supplies.

The chief of defense stated that they were able to identify more than 14,000 hectares of production damaged in the community and announced cooperation for their rehabilitation.

This means that the central government is working with humanitarian support to alleviate the needs of affected families across the country.

As of yesterday, the Civil Defense recorded 15 deaths and more than 10 thousand affected families in 60 municipalities of six provinces as a result of heavy rains for the current rainy season, which will last for two months.

Heavy rains also destroyed 380 houses, 80 of which collapsed completely, about four thousand hectares of crops and affected four thousand and 648 copies of various types of livestock.

On Wednesday, a press release from the Risk and Disaster Management Unit of the Cochabamba government reported that five people were searched in the Espirito Santo River in the municipality of Pogo.

The mayor of Bogo, Cesar Correa, stated that the people, aged between 17 and 23, went missing by their relatives on December 25, and then part of a body was found.

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