“Black Mirror” will return to Netflix with a sung-to-the-color seventh season… and if they’re going to release more episodes like “Joan is horrible,” welcome.

There are series that penetrate society deeper than usual and They cease to become phenomena and become part of everyday life.. This is the case of the “Black Mirror,” the interstellar comparison we have all made at some point when faced with a technological dystopia. It is a series that was able, with its best and worst episodes, to dominate the collective imagination, and perhaps for this reason, It’s no surprise that they renewed it for a new season. And those that remain.

Broken glass

The first episode of “Black Mirror” (yes, the one with the pig) premiered in the UK in December 2011. Since then We’ve had seasons of being dodgy and dirty: A total of 27 chapters and a great interactive movie that went from absolute mediocrity to almost perfect. Now Variety is the one to announce it Season 7 is now available for free on Netflix.

Not surprisingly: the previous batch of episodes after four years of waiting, It ran for a month in the world’s top 10 English-language series and was among the most watched series in 92 countries. In fact, there was one episode (“Joan’s Awful”) that was set up like this An example of the risks of artificial intelligence During the writers and actors’ strike at the hands of Charlie Brooker himself, the creator of the series.

If you are wondering which actors will appear or how many episodes will be in this new season, I’m afraid we know exactly the same thing as you.: Nothing but it will start filming in 2024 with the usual executive producers. It remains to be seen whether there will be any pleasant surprises like that “Red Mirror” culmination of — no matter what they say, it’s worthy — season six. Because we can complain and kick the low quality all we want, however We know we will sign again.

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