A nightmare for motorists who could get to Spain

Technological advances and radars are becoming more sophisticatedUnfortunately for many drivers and motorcyclists. While various countries in the European Union are launching new radar systems capable of detecting if speed drops before passing a camera rises, as it has the ability to pick up a car’s speed even at a distance of one kilometre, in the UK they go one step further.

The British authorities have given the green light to use it A new generation of infrared traffic radars. The company developed and manufactured this new type of radar Genoptic It promises to be a turning point in detecting traffic violations.

The Vector SR radar is small in sizeQuick to install and eliminates potential vulnerabilities in radars. It weighs less than 8kg, so it can be quickly installed over existing road furniture.

It is therefore a device capable of operating as a fixed radar, but also supporting mobile control by traffic officers. Infrared and radar technology allow you to take pictures in almost all types of conditions. It is effective in low light conditions and low visibility due to adverse weather conditions.

with everything, The main and revolutionary point of the Vector SR is that it is designed for two-way use, which is undoubtedly bad news for motorcyclists. Most speed cameras – not many in Spain -, especially those on sections, use a single camera facing one direction, often looking at the front of the car. Taking into account that motorcycles do not have a front license plate, in many cases speeding fines are not issued.

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It’s small and points in both directions. If we exceed the permitted speed, escaping from it is practically impossible.

Trevor Fullbrook

The omni-directional detection of the Vector RS puts an end to this charge, also allowing better capture of the two images that any fine would have to combine to be issued. Both can be from different angles. Furthermore, this new radar that debuted in the UK can be used not only for speed control, but also for traffic monitoring, Capture red light violations and send information from the Automatic License Plate Recognition System via camera.

We motorists were safe from the front radars, there is no escape from that.


Goodbye flash

Other “benefits” of the Vector SR radar are that, unlike conventional radars, it is a camera device You do not need to use flash, as the image is captured by infrared rays. This means that drivers and motorcyclists will not even have an indication that they may be fined for speeding – or other reasons – as there is not the usual glow indicating that a camera has been activated on conventional radars.

for now, The use of the Vector SR radar has been very successful in the UK, Even if the units are still limited. A circumstance that must be taken into account, because it would not be at all surprising that if this radar technology were effective General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) We encourage the import of this new generation of radars for use on our roads.

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Motorcyclists and other drivers have already been warned.

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