The United States has its sights set on charter flights that take Cubans to Nicaragua for the trip to the border

By Evie

The US State Department warned in a statement on Tuesday that US authorities will ban entry into its territory of people who facilitate charter flights for migrants to Nicaragua.

The Joe Biden administration has detected an “increase” in the number of companies offering flights used by migrants from various countries to reach Nicaragua and from there take the land route to the United States.

The State Department stressed that many of these immigrants “lack a legal basis to enter or remain” in the United States and are “often returned to their countries of origin.”

[Estos son los cambios en la extensión del TPS para inmigrantes de Honduras, Nicaragua y El Salvador]

To stop this path, Washington decided to impose visa restrictions on owners, directors and employees of companies that facilitate “charter flights to Nicaragua designed for use mainly by illegal immigrants to the United States.”

In turn, the Biden administration confirms that it is “cooperating with the governments of the region, as well as the private sector, to try to eliminate this exploitative practice.”

Washington has warned that Cuban and Haitian migrants are using charter flights to Nicaragua to make the overland trip to the Mexican border with the United States.

At the end of October, the Nicaraguan press reported that within 48 hours, 28 commercial flights carrying passengers from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, had landed in Managua.

Haiti and Cuba are countries that the United States government itself has indicated are going through a dangerous political and economic situation.

To seek asylum in the United States, by law, it is necessary for applicants fleeing their countries to be on US soil.

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