Bizaway: new opportunities for business trips with smart work

BizAway CEO Luca Carlucci analyzed the sector’s future at a conference organized by Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia.

The tourism sector closed in 2020 with its worst figures in recent decades; Worrying data for a sector focusing on 12% of Spain’s GDP and national employment.

Luca Carlucci, during his speech at a session of conferences organized by Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia, cited some signs of optimism: 2021 the number of company trips that were made in relation to the same period in 2019. Likewise, other countries in which the vaccination took place To a high degree like Israel, the United Kingdom or the United States has also resumed business trips, especially domestic ones, which have already reached over 60% of pre-pandemic volumes.

He concluded, “You can live again after Covid-19, it is only necessary to vaccinate on a large scale.”

The Evolution of Corporate Travel: Future Trends

The crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus and the so-called “ new normal ” undoubtedly means a change in business trips that, according to the platform’s CEO, will return sustainability, safety and risk alerts as key points when traveling.

In this sense, Carlucci highlighted that one of the improvements to its platform in recent months has been the expansion of the risk management unit through collaboration with The danger line To ensure real-time alerts on any incident (health, political or natural) that occurs in destination countries.

Despite the fact that commercial travel has decreased by 20% compared to 2019 across Europe, Carlucci points to a change in trend that may have a positive impact on the commercial travel sector: despite the fact that video conferencing has reduced short trips that More often, the Smart workDecentralization of work teams constitutes a new opportunity for the sector:

Remote work access presupposes major changes in corporate culture and organization; It is a profound change that had to be implemented very quickly due to the circumstances. Now, the company can distribute its work teams in several geographic regions. This is a benefit for all parties, but also for business trips, as these teams have to meet regularly to develop common strategies and synergies. What used to be done in the office may now need to be done by bringing together business teams spread across several cities into one point through new business trips.

Carlucci also reflects this optimism for the congresses, exhibitions and conferences sector: “In Italy, face-to-face exhibitions and conferences will start in July, with an international audience; and before that, FITUR will be held in Madrid. We expect the global appeal to begin in September, With the end of the year already very relevant in terms of revitalization of the entire sector.

In addition to the importance of vaccination and corporate travel safety, the CEO of BizAway It wanted to record the need for flexible service providers in all sectors of its platform (hotels, airplanes, rental cars, parking …) and the surge in recent weeks in contracting insurance that covers the possibilities resulting from the epidemic (infection at the destination, etc.).

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