Billie Eilish pretends to be in little clothes, like you’ve never seen her before, and it’s all angry

She is 19 years old and has fallen in love with her Billie Eilish, In charge of decorating the June cover of “Vogue” in its English edition. In this post, the singer reveals her beauty and freshness through a sensual photo session.

Reluctant to show off her curves since she started her career, Billie Eilish poses for the first time in little clothes, shortly after letting go of her signature green hair with black roots and dyeing her blonde hair.

Eilish, who has spoken candidly about her depression in the past, in an effort to boost mental health among teens, has turned her image 180 degrees, showing the world that she has an enviable personality.

Under the slogan “It’s all about what makes you feel good,” the young star wears a Gucci tube corset and skirt, both of which are outfits in light pink colors that blend perfectly with the singer’s whites.

Likewise, on the cover of the aforementioned post, the multi-award winning performer wears exclusive latex gloves that provide costume A glamorous retro touch. Within a few hours of sharing the photo on her official Instagram account, Billie has added over 11 million Likes, A number that illustrates the impact of images all over the world.

Among the celebrities who couldn’t stop expressing their astonishment at seeing Billie Eilish in skinny outfits is the supermodel. Time to challenge a contract they have on transfer, Who recently debuted as a mum. According to other photos that the singer shared, the Vogue team worked closely with the celebrity to display the image she wanted to convey to her followers, after changing her appearance.

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A novelty to see on this photo shoot, for which Billy, among other outfits, wore a colorful raincoat. Sentences And sensual baby doll With a strap in the sand, the celebrity’s large tattoo stands out on the right side of her stomach that extends into her thigh.

The hairdressers for this session are the stylists at the famous Benjamin Beauty Salon, which is based in both Los Angeles and New York. The singer’s blonde hair is a little wavy and hints at the ’50s style, while her makeup is a creation Robert Romsey, And it has an appearance, too Ancient.

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