Biden rules out a quick US-UK trade deal

United States President Joe Biden You don’t want to hear about a future trade deal with the UK right now. Prime Minister Boris Johnson left the 90-minute meeting with the US president at the White House empty-handed on Tuesday, and there was no joint press conference about it. Hopes of a quick post-Brexit deal, which Johnson is desperately seeking, have faded since Biden came to power in January. Washington now has other priorities, Johnson himself recognized. “The Biden administration is not doing any free trade agreements in the world at the moment, but we have full confidence in a great deal,” he said.

It seems that the United Kingdom “At the end of the queue” At the time of negotiating such an agreement with whom he was a great ally. The warning issued by President Barack Obama in his day comes true if the country leaves the European Union. The London government is now considering other transatlantic business options.

‘We don’t rule out anything’

defeat Donald Trump In the last election, he erased his promise of a quick bilateral deal, in order to convince Britons of the benefits of Brexit. If the current runs between Trump and Johnson and there is collusion, with Biden, the pro-EU, and with Germany as the preferred interlocutor on this side of the Atlantic, the situation is complicated for London and that party’s delusional business strategy. “Global Great Britain”.

Official sources of the British Executive have suggested that it is being considered as an alternative to being bound by an existing trade agreement between United States, Mexico, and Canada (USMCA), despite the fact that there is no provision for the incorporation of other countries. “We don’t rule anything out.” British Environment Minister George Eustice told Sky News. Johnson’s spokesman insisted that the main focus remains on the bilateral agreement with the United States.

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The bilateral agreement passes through Northern Ireland

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Another problematic angle of “Brexit” that must be resolved is adapting the current relations with the White House. Biden was warning about that There will be no possibility of a trade deal if Brexit negatively impacts Northern Ireland. The US president, who has Irish roots of which he is proud, reminded Johnson again during the meeting on Tuesday that peace in the Northern Ireland region is a top priority and will not accept that disagreements with Brussels endanger its stability. “I am deeply concerned” that any changes” to the Irish Accords, may adversely affect peace efforts and their end “Borders closed” He said in a brief statement to the press. “At that point, Joe, we agree,” Johnson added. “Nobody wants to see Belfast/Good Friday” agreements broken or lopsided, he said.

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