Bidart, the best cure for Infanta Christina and her family

The summer of reunion is almost complete. welcome! This week he published a comprehensive report on the most special of Infanta Christina’s holidays. sister Philip VI She enjoyed a few days in the company of her husband, Inaki Urdangarinand many of his sons on the shores of Bidart. Which is that, for several years, this has become one of the family’s favorite summer spots.

Just a year after the departure of Don Juan Carlos from Spain, Infanta Cristina took the opportunity to meet her husband and children. Although this is not confirmed at the moment, it appears that Infanta Elena spent this anniversary with her father, while Kings Don Felipe and Dona Letizia actually traveled to Palma de Mallorca, where Queen Sofia was already for several days. .

Infanta Cristina’s mother and Inaki Urdangarin pose in a file photo on a beach in Bidart / J Terres

This holiday from Urdangarin . family It’s even more special, because it’s the first time that the former athlete is in the third grade and sees the possibility of getting full freedom closer and closer. In the photos published by the magazine, the family behaves like another one. Take the opportunity to exercise, take a walk along the seashore and, above all, have a good time that you miss so much. Only Juan is missing, The couple’s eldest son, who is not seen in Bidart and who focuses heavily on his studies of international relations and volunteer work.

Infanta Christina
Doña Cristina Palma changed the French Basque city / Gtres

Since 2012, Palma de Mallorca It is no longer the holiday destination for the family, who chose the French Basque town as their new favorite corner of their class. There, Urdangarin’s mother, Claire Lippert, usually rents a house each summer and works, as Donna Sophia did in the past, as a hostess for her family. Urdangarins have been vacationing there for nearly a decadeExcept for the summer of 2018, 2019 and 2020, when the prison prevented Inaki from traveling. This year, the former athlete lives in a semi-freedom regime that even allows him to travel abroad, since we must not forget that Bidart is about 20 kilometers from the border with Spain.

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In Bidart, Urdangarins enjoy a calm and relaxing summer / Gtres

To this day, despite the fact that Iñaki Urdangarin is in a more favorable regime, the truth is that there are not many occasions on which a complete family reunion can be made. Keep in mind that three of the four children actually live far from home –Between Spain and the United Kingdom– And Erin is the only one still in Geneva with her mother who is not currently planning to move her residence.

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