Bicentennial with Pisco! The Peruvian Embassy in the UK conducts a virtual tasting | News

The Embassy of Peru in the United Kingdom on Thursday, July 22, organized a virtual pisco tasting, targeting British travel agencies and tour operators, as part of the celebrations for the bicentennial of Peru’s declaration of independence.

The activity which included a virtual conference attended by a select group of companies in the tourism sector Inaugurated by Ambassador Juan Carlos Jamara President of the Latin American Travel Association (LATA) and Director of Air Europe in the UK, Colin Stewart.

Peru: a safe destination

The program is considered a Presentation on gastronomic tourism in Peru And the country’s potential as a safe destination for tourism, led by expert Laura Rendell Dunn, representative of the British tour operator in Latin America.

Likewise, the famous mixologist Giancarlo Nazario presented a master class and tasting chilcano pisco.

For this, the Embassy of Peru previously sent members of the press: A set of ingredients for the preparation of pisco chilcano and pisco sour, In order to give the virtual event an interactive character.

Peruvian drink par excellence

One of the moments that attracted the most attention was the presentation by Pisco expert Johnny Schuller, who presented Introduction to the history and origins of pisco, The unique properties of the national drink of Peru are described par excellence, the State Department noted in a press release.

The event concluded with a master class, pisco sour tasting and a round of questions and comments from the participants.

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Publication date: 7/27/2021

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