Berlin has been deposed. The miniseries that took the world number one spot on Netflix from the prequel to “La casa de papel” by surprise

Everything indicated that “Berlin” had a clear path to continuing to be the No. 1 series on Netflix worldwide for a little while longer, but there was a surprise that no one was counting on: 'Tricks' It managed to dethrone the introduction of “La casa de papel” as the most watched thing on the platform worldwide.

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It's “deception”

Released on January 1, “Deceptions” is an 8-episode miniseries based on the author’s novel. Harlan Cobenthe same author that served as the basis for other Netflix original productions such as 'security'“Innocent” or “Stay beside me”.


“Deception” revolves around Maya, a former soldier whose life is shaken when she believes she sees her dead husband on a surveillance camera. This will lead her to uncover a dark family conspiracy dating back to the 1990s. Michelle Keegan and Richard Armitage (“The Hobbit”) leads the cast.

It's true that “Berlin” has managed to keep “Deception” at bay in Spain, since he starred in the series Pedro Alonso It maintains the number one ranking in our country, but things are changing in many other places. For example, “Deception” has been at number one in the UK since its release and also reached that position in the US shortly after its release. In fact, it has already achieved this in more than 70 countries.

In Espinov:

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