The Mayor of London denounces the cost of Britain's exit from the European Union

London, United Kingdom.

Mayor London Sadiq Khan asked on Thursday United kingdom Strengthening its relations with the European Union And the accused Britain's exit from the European Union After costing tens of billions of pounds sterling Economy British.

In a statement, the Workers Council stressed the necessity of establishing “A closer relationship with the European Union” He stressed that the new agreement “would revitalize… Economy It will contribute to raising the standard of living of the British people.

This position contrasts with the reluctance of the major political parties, including yours, to mention this issue repercussions of the 2016 referendum, Who agreed to exit the European Union, a few months before the legislative elections in which the Labor Party is considered the winner against the Conservatives led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

“We have to be honest, Brexit is not a fringe concern that we can leave in the past…

It is a major factor in the cost of living crisis caused by inflation, Sadiq Khan insisted, Candidate for a third term in the municipal elections scheduled for next May.

According to a study commissioned by Cambridge Econometrics by a city mayor Londonhe Britain's exit from the European Union It has already cost 140 billion pounds ($178,000 million). Economy British, 30,000 million of which affected the capital.

Cambridge Econometrics estimates that Britain's exit from the European Unionwhich achieved in 2020, It caused the loss of two million jobs in the country, 300,000 of which were in the country London.

According to the same data, the economic losses for United kingdom will increase to 300 billion pounds ($381 billion) by 2035 if measures are not taken to reverse this trend.

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Sunak's spokesman responded to Khan, Pointing out that British economic activity “has witnessed faster growth” than that of Italy and Germany since 2016.

  • The government also highlights the opportunities created by Exodus European UnionSuch as the Free Trade Agreement with Australia or the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership.

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