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After being absent for a few days to recharge our batteries, today we are back thanks to Jehovah for analyzing the recent political events on the Tamaulipas Theatre.

Certainly in any internal democracy, such as that of MORENA Tamaulipas, it is necessary to heal wounds and disagreements. What’s better than a doctor for it. Especially those who know fully the labyrinths of the heart valve to pump the heartbeat of the citizen and the beat of change.

Currently, MORENA is already taking a step forward from PAN, in terms of the internal process, on the path to this year’s election for a governor.

One of the most important moves at the end of the year was, without a doubt, the Morenost Summit at the Hotel Las Fuentes, the desire to unite around the figure of the 4T Defense Committees Coordinator in our state, Americo Villarreal Anaya.

It seems to me that a large part of the January agenda will be focused on the issue of inner unity, among the intrigues of icy power.

We believe that with figures of the stature of Adrián Oseguera or Rodolfo González Valderrama, who are very important leaders in Q4 in our state, that will not be a problem, because they are cadres loyal to the AMLO president. Although it is for this same characteristic, it requires that it be given all the attention, when the time comes for agreements and obligations.

It is better not to talk about characters like the Joker. Since 2016, he had everything to build a strong candidate, but he threw himself into the hole. He did not believe in his friend AMLO. However, the head of 4T, he did not consider himself poorly served and gave him a well-paid Champita. Today, the Joker would be a despicable ungrateful, if he did not join the transformative project of obradorismo on our stage.

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As for the rest, we see that there is a willingness among the representatives of Morenista to cooperate in the new political reality.

The only person to cast doubt on this interest group is the former mayor and moral leader of Reynosa, Macy Ortiz Dominguez. It is known that work is already underway for this lady to join the Moreno Change Missions, who are heading into this year’s elections. But if she hesitates, then nothing will happen, only that the process of transformation will go on without her.

Maki should pull up with a 4T in Tamaulipas. She has no other choice, because her other option is to ally with those who have beaten her politically in the recent past. In addition, his son Makito could remain as a kind of political pawn in the strategy of the National Palace. Unless Maki loses his short-term memory. Bad For now, the Moreno-majority Congress should already be planning to put a magnifying glass at Makito’s expense.

With what she currently has in Reynosa, Maki should be well served. No family or political clan has ruled the largest city in Tamaulipas for more than ten years. And Peña Ortiz is headed there, as long as they know how to control their political ambitions and thirst for power.

—— America and her picture with Claudia Sheinbaum at the end of the year—

The image of Tamaulipas 4T leader Américo Villarreal Anaya was very significant, with Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaum. The message towards the country’s political future is eloquent. Obviously, first, we have to go through 2022. But the alliance is there, for those who want to see it.

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—Immediate active response from GATHAS for bladder causes—–

If Eduardo Gatas City Council specializes in one thing, it’s against the wind. He defeated those who arrived in 2016 democratically and it is time for him to seek to rebuild our city Victoria, saving it from abandonment. In the face of disasters caused by changes in nature, it has also implemented an immediate strategy. Fallen trees, scattered litter, electricity poles and loose cables.

Good for the mayor of the capital.

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