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What inspired the beginning?BatmanMany would think that Matt Reeves’ beginning had its main reference in the superhero comics starring Robert Pattinson. However, another source of inspiration was that the DC tape creator already had it. It can be seen on HBO Max.

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Despite his successes and progress Marvel Cinematic UniverseYou can’t deny that.”BatmanIt gave a fight to this classic rivalry, establishing itself as one of the most iconic premieres of 2022.

which is a file Movie Who surprised not only to Pattinson’s work As one of the most appreciated characters in the comics, but also for the story, his portrayal, despite some criticism he received.

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One of the details that not much is known about the new version is that its box is inspired by a famous and iconic design film directorwhich explains the start proposal reeves movie.

“Batman” in one of the most tense scenes. (Photo: DC Films)

What is the inspiration for the first scene of “Batman”?

The same Matt Reeves He took it upon himself to reveal that he was inspired by him Alfred Hitchcock to start his version of “Batman‘, meaning that the audience begins to look at the film with the same eyes Puzzle from Paul DanoLike a voyeur. This is what he said in an interview with .

I wanted to put you in the shoes of these characters. I’m so drawn to an Alfred Hitchcock novel because going to the movies is voyeurism, isn’t it? We all watch people’s lives on screen. And I thought that the idea of ​​putting the audience in his place, or in this case, Riddler’s binoculars, and making him spy from the start, would be an unexpected way to start a Batman movie. “Male director In the above publication.

in this way, Reeves sought to give a more different approach than previous films about Batmanwhich usually begins with a shocking action scene. “But starting with Ave Maria upsets the balance. You start to realize, ‘Oh, something bad is going to happen.’ And then it takes you into that kind of mentality.”explain his intentions with capital movie.

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One of the first scenes of "Batman" Written by Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson.  (Photo: DC Films)
One of the first scenes in the movie “Batman” by Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson. (Photo: DC Films)

What is the age of Bruce Wayne Robert Pattinson?

On the other hand, although the exact age of the character is not confirmed, it is possible to determine what rank he is in. According to director Matt Reeves, The Bruce Wayne Pattinson wrote to be about 30 years.

although Robert Patterson He is older than the character (35 years old), he has a youthful appearance that allows him to perfectly fit into the Batman arc. Given that Wayne’s parents were killed when he was 8 years old, his current age would be around 33 years old.

Robert Pattinson as a pioneering man "Batman".  (Photo: DC Films)
Robert Pattinson as the protagonist in “Batman”. (Photo: DC Films)

Will Batman get a sequel?

Until now, Warner Bros. The second movie for “Dark Knight” has not been confirmed, but apparently at the end of the first installment, in Mid-credits scene and end-credits bonus clipthe road is ready to continue the history of Batman.

In fact, at the film’s UK premiere, director Matt Reeves spoke independent On his future plans, and while he has remained modest about the film’s reception, he admitted it’s hard not to see it as the beginning of a cinematic universe, especially given the plethora of spin-offs already greenlit. hbo max.

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