Barefoot and shivering, this is how Afghan refugees arrived in the UK

As Dara Leonard, team leader for the British Red Cross, told The Guardian: Some of the new arrivals have lost consciousness At the terminals of Heathrow Airport, London.

He claimed that other refugees, including pregnant and extremely sick women, were taken to hospital.

Leonard, who was among the first to greet the Afghan families who arrived at London airport last week, said they were almost exhausted.

He also described the exceptional dignity and sobriety of refugees, including some 2200 children, who were flown to the UK to save them from Taliban threats.

For its part, the British Red Cross said it was ready to work with the UK government to welcome the Afghan refugees and await further details on resettlement schedules and dates.

Mike Adamson, executive director of the British Red Cross, said “the priority must be to help the people of Afghanistan find safety” and welcomed the government’s announcement of Boris Johnson On a resettlement program that will provide security for Afghans in need of protection.

Celebró también el anuncio para recibir 5,000 personas durante el próximo año, pero subrayó que el nuevo plan para los refugiados afganos debería ser parte de un programa más amplio que apoye al menos a 10,000 refueggiados del cendo al dad every year.

For the Red Cross, the top priority is to help people inside Afghanistan reach safety if they are in danger, including those who have family members in the UK.

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