Barbero becomes a celebrity on TikTok for his impeccable work | video

via tik tokAnd Barber by name Damo Larry Solola Gaining popularity due to his amazing style of hairstyles, he has made drastic changes in his clients who come out Satisfied.

The user is known as docdami and usually receives hundreds of messages through it Social media To schedule appointments, only on Instagram has more than 190 thousand Followers.

Damo works hard with each of his clients. | Photo: TikTokdocdami

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But he not only receives orders from customers from his home city of Calgary in Canadabut also from places like Atlanta and Los Angeles, United State or who United kingdom.

“I remember when they made me Authoritarianism To cut hair “the young man participated in a video As you can see some of their customers are happy with the result, there are even those who do move up tears see change.

There are customers who cry when they see the result. | Photo: TikTokdocdami

some of his followers joking Which in addition to cutting their hair they lose Weightbecause the changes are so noticeable that it looks like other people because the new cut highlights certain parts of files faces.

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Customers have drastic changes. | Photo: TikTokdocdami

“For me, it’s more about Quality What quantity. If only we did it for him CapitalThere is a 100% chance that you will start to lose passion. The young man said of his work, “I don’t want to lose her.

It should be noted that before its manufacture 20 haircuts daily, until he decided to limit himself to just three to give each of his clients the attention they needed.

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