Auronplay presents “Los Panas”, the show with Reborn, Axozer, Biyin…

Los Panas” is the new project of Auronplay and its friends to create new content.

Popular streamer So join the old faces (and mask) like Perxitaa, Reborn or 8cho To perform content together periodically.

To this list we must also add Axozer and Biyin who will also be a part of this show Produced by YouPlanet which intends to move forward with broadcast communication.

When does “Los Panas”, Auronplay show start

Again he asks for calm in the face of so much magnetism

Auronplay announced it Once a month these banners usually meet To create content that targets millions of people.

Although mysticism was extensive throughout the show, Oron noted that the ending would be both physical and astounding.

It will be “Los Banas” Released on March 23 With the broadcast of the first episode where We will be able to see all the members playing video games together.

Made by “Los Banas”

In the presentation video we were able to meet the members of this new group “Los Panas”, and he will represent them Auronplay, Perxitaa, Reborn, Biyin, Axozer, 8cho, All of them are old acquaintances from the universe that surrounds their star Auronplay.

Banners begin to gather

axozer shape

Axozer will be part of “Los Panas” from Auronplay

True to the concept of a “game house”, but without living in it, the live streaming hardware Get started creating content togetherAs in times of pandemic and confinement.

For some time, with the exceptions of some series or Ibai events, there was no creator for “Big 4”, except for Bilbao caster, collect his inner circle To start creating recurring content.

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It is the content that the audience wants He loves to see his favorite streaming device interact with others. We’ve had a lot of success, and we’ll see what this new “Los Panas” content holds for us.

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