Audio-visual pieces of the ballet pioneer up for auction in the UK

Auction house Bonhams has announced that NTF (Non-Expendable Tokens) for the purchase of ballet pieces from dancer Natalia Osipova are now available to the public.

The NFT (niche crypto assets that are proprietary recordings of a digital object such as a photo or video) marketplace is a platform that allows artists to advance their careers by selling their presentations.

“The performers have had no way yet to sell ownership of their shows,” said Neama Sagarchi, director of digital art at Bonhams. “The NFT teams are giving them that opportunity,” he added. The collection “Natalia Osipova: Triptych” will be presented at Encore’s auction! Modern Art is onstage from Bonhams, with shows open Monday through December 10.

Other works up for auction include “Giselle, Entering Chapter Two” and “Giselle, Solo from Chapter Two,” both of which were filmed this month. Sales of these pieces are expected to be between £8,000 and £12,000 respectively ($10,000 and $16,000).

One of the most expensive works up for auction is “Left behind,” a video of a dancer showing up in Mexico. Its value is estimated at £30,000 to £50,000 ($40,000 – $66,700).

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