attention! Starting April, this country will facilitate residency for foreigners

If you are thinking of residing in another country, outside your own, due to lack of future, keep in mind that since April, one of the most developed countries in the world will facilitate residency for foreign entrepreneurs. Do you want to know more?

Starting in April, Japan can relax residency requirements for foreigners who want to start businesses in the country. The new measures, promoted by the Immigration Services Agency, seek to attract qualified foreign talent and stimulate the economy.

Among the changes, financing options are expected to expand, as entrepreneurs will be allowed to access a wider range of capital sources for their projects. Reduced minimum capital requirements: Large sums of money that were previously required to obtain residency will be eliminated.

These amendments are part of the Japanese government's efforts to promote innovation and economic growth by attracting international entrepreneurs. Obviously, not all foreigners can choose to reside in this highly developed country, but this is an indication of the direction in which this government's immigration policies are heading.

Starting in April, improvements will be made to foreigners' residency in Japan

What is the He presses Local about it? While most work visa applicants are given initial approval for one year, it is possible to renew indefinitely if certain requirements are met. At the end of 2023, about 37,000 foreigners holding this type of visa were residing in Japan.

However, this number is still low compared to other developed countries. In 2019, Japan ranked 25th out of 35 countries in attracting international talent, according to the OECD. It will go further in 2024, with the approval, next April, of these improvements in residency for foreigners.

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New measures to ease residency and funding requirements seek to significantly increase this number. These reforms are expected to make Japan a more attractive destination for foreign entrepreneurs, boosting the country's economy and innovation, which is essential for any developed country.

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