A smiling King Charles III of the United Kingdom is shown wrapping up Easter Sunday

King Charles III of England, undergoing cancer treatment, revitalized his political agenda, regaining power once he saw that his family depended on him. Despite receiving full treatment, the King wanted to take a break for Easter and remain calm at home, although he did not want to miss Easter, one of the big festive days in the UK.

It was Saturday when it was announced from Buckingham Palace that due to the current situation of the British Royal Family, some changes would be made on Easter Sunday. A key date for the whole family. This method aims to reduce the risks to the health of Charles III, who reappeared after his Easter message to all the British people. Thus, the event moved to St. George's Chapel, located on the grounds of Windsor Castle.


King Charles III Easter Sunday


There we could see a smiling Charles III who wanted to greet all the curious people who came to the castle to see the royal family. The king, who is accompanied at all times by his wife, Queen Camilla, did not hesitate to stop and thank him for the love he has received since announcing his infection with this disease. According to The Sun, an onlooker shouted to the king “Happy Easter,” to which Charles III responded: “And to you,” another example of the closeness he wanted to show.

Besides them we were also able to see other members of the family, such as the King's brothers, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne; And so is Sarah Ferguson. They all attended liturgical services on Easter Sunday, where the king's children were absent.

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First Easter Sunday without Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, who is also immersed in her cancer treatment, was largely absent from these events. Her husband, Prince William, is still with her, and has made it clear that over Easter he will remain with his wife at her residence to support her in the recovery process. In addition, they will spend time with their children who are on vacation at school.

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