UNAM's MOUNTS platform monitors volcanic activity around the world

the UNAM he have Web platform Which allows you to see data from The most active volcanoes in the world In real time and monitor its development.

Monitoring disturbances from space (mounting) It was developed by Sebastian ValadeResearcher at the Institute of Geophysics, affiliated with the House of Extreme Studies.

UNAM MOUNTS platform monitors volcanic activity in the world - platform-mounts-1024x683
Platform mounts. Image from UNAM

It uses several artificial intelligence algorithms to improve monitoring, in addition to processing free data provided by the European Space Agency's Sentinel satellites, and allows looking at long-term changes experienced by 83 volcanoes at the same time.

Valade explained that the task of a volcanologist is to interpret based on what we know about them (volcanoes), but to automate and extract behavioral patterns, long-term multi-parameter monitoring on multiple giants is important.

MOUNTS uses Sentinel 1 data to measure ground deformation; Sentinel 2, which contains sensors that operate in the visible and infrared bands of the electromagnetic spectrum to capture images and measure thermal radiation; The Sentinel 5P works in the ultraviolet ranges to measure gases.

UNAM's MOUNTS platform monitors volcanic activity in the world - sebastien-valade-1024x936UNAM's MOUNTS platform monitors volcanic activity in the world - sebastien-valade-1024x936
Sebastian Valade. Image from UNAM

In the case of Mexico, the web platform tracks Popocatepetl and the Colima volcano.

Sebastien Valade is also seeking to use the Sentinel 3 satellite to obtain information about the ash exhaled by volcanoes, to improve our understanding of them, as well as the ability to predict their behavior.

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