Athletes Compete in the Race of Chemical Sciences – El Sol de Zacatecas

Cristian Arellano, Oscar Osvaldo Ordaz, Miguel Hernández Rubio, Argentina Valdespino and José Adrian Berumen, in their respective categories and subsidiaries, won the 5K race of the Academic Unit of Chemical Sciences, where the representatives of the clubs “Jorge Marques”, Zatopek, “Gabriel Duarte”, among others.

This sporting event, which combined quality and a large number of runners, in the women’s and men’s branches, was successfully carried out at the Ciglo XXI Campus Facilities Department of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, which was promoted by the Student Association in coordination with the members of the Organizing Committee of the Chemical Sciences Unit.

Within the university category, the winner turned out to be Cristian Arellano, of FC Zatopec, followed by Roberto Garcia and Jose Sal Lara, who formed the podium for the winners.

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Oscar Osvaldo Ordaz, of Jorge Marquez, took home the honors, in the UAZ Teachers category, while Cuauhtemoc Soto took second place. In the QSB Student category, Adrián Barraza crossed the finish line in first place.

free female. – Argentina Valdespino, from Zatoberc, won the first place, while Paola Vaqueira, from Jorge Marques Club, took second place, completing 1-3, for the club’s colors mentioned in the first division, Sandra Ruiz Acuña.

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Free Man – Trancoso Municipal Pass, Zacatecas, Miguel Angel Rubio who was the winner, came back through his specialty, took second place opposite Alberto Moreno and Sergio García Betancourt “El Pajarito”, the third step.

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